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Feed Water Heater
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Feed Water Heater


Improve water-steam cycle efficiency of your power plant.


The needs of the power generation industry include year-in and year –out reliabity, optimum performance for maximum efficiency, and absolute on-time delivery to meet plant outage schedules.

All of Mazda feed water heaters are designed in accordance with HEI standards, TEMA and ASME section VIII code. Mazda uses state-of –the art computer programs to perform the thermal-hydraulic and mechanical design of each feedwater heater we fabricate.

Mazda designs and manufactures both low pressure and high pressure feed water heaters which may be installed either vertically or horizontally , depending on the plant design requirements.

Each Mazda Feed water heater will contain from one to three separate heat transfer areas of zones including the condensing, desuperheating and sub-cooling zones. Economics of design and particular performance needs of your plant will determine the design parameters of your feed water heaters from Mazda.

Mazda’s engineers are always available to assist you in determining those design parameters and how they will impact performance in your power plant. Call today to experience the unique performance difference of Mazda. From engineering to manufacturing to installation to longer and more reliable service life from your feed water heater,

Mazda understand the unique needs of the power generation industry and provides it feed water heaters that withstand years of rigorous service.

All shell and tube heat exchangers, irrespective of the type of service for which they were designed, must withstand severe service conditions. The service life of feedwater heaters, however, is one of the toughest because of the longevity and reliability factors inherent in power plant equipment designs.

Mazda thorough understanding of these factors enhances its ability to communicate clearly with power design engineers . Mazda designs enable power engineers to anticipate maximum efficiency from the turbine extraction steam in preheating the boiler feedwater.

Mazda Feed water heaters are designed for specific thermal conditions and manufactured for a singular purpose. Whether it be sophisticated designs involving extreme superheat, abnormal flow conditions or dissipation of high energy fluids. In addition , Mazda provides innovative and practical concepts to ensure peak heater performance from installation to testing through full or part-load operation.

We offer a multitude of design configurations for desuperheater and drains cooler zones as well as the latest in channel closure techniques.

Mazda has been melting the needs to the power generation industry for more than two decades. Mazda’s quality makes the company the most respected supplier of heat transfer equipment in India .

Mazda also produces Steam surface condensers , Steam Jet Air Ejector (SJAE) System, exhaust steam and dump condensers, header type high pressure feedwater heaters, Gland Steam Condenser System, Turbine Bypass Valve, Steam Desuperheater, Pressure Reducing and Desuperheating Station (PRDS) systems, Safety valves and Pressure Reducing Valves , Shell and tube heat exchangers, deaerators.

Mazda is one of the few companies capable of supplying the total range of heat transfer equipment needs to the power generation industry.

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Feed Water Heater
Feed Water Heater
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