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Mazda is a truly unique engineering company, situated in the Western Region of India. While India surges ahead in the field of manufacturing and engineering, Mazda partakes in this journey. What sets Mazda apart from its peers in India, is the fact that Mazda has acquired high powered technologies from the West. This combined with its modern R&D centre, its high standards for quality and its customer-focused approach, have made Mazda a leading company globally. Testament to this fact, is our annual sale of more than 500 systems all over the world. In other words, one of the largest numbers of steam jet vacuum systems and condensers sold for the process and power industry.

Mazda pride’s itself on its company, space and energy saving ejector vacuum system developed by our R&D centre. These systems installed in several polyester plants globally, are ejector vacuum systems for steel degassing and vapour powered ethylene glycol ejector vacuum systems. The high level of success of such installations and the actual savings are evident through the repeat orders we get through our customers.

With our elaborate reference list, don’t take our word for it, why don’t you try it for yourself!

With our focus heavily on process and power industries, Mazda is on track with its goal – to become a world leader in the design and manufacture of engineered equipment.



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