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Vegetable Oil
Types and configuration of Booster / Ejector Vacuum Systems being used in processing of Vegetable oil
( 1 )  Multi stage Booster, Ejector Vacuum System with Mixing Condenser and with cooling         water re-circulated directly through cooling tower
Advantages Disadvantages
Lowest capital cost Cooling water gets polluted
Very little maintenance required Odouremission takes place
Simple and reliable to operate Clening of cooling tower to be carred out very frequently because of deposition of falty matter
Condensers do not get fouled
( 2 )  Multi stage Booster, Ejector Vacuum System with Mixing Condenser but with cooling         water re-cirulated indirectly through a PHE (Plate Heat Exchanger)
Advantages Disadvantages
Keeps the two Water Systems separate i.e. the contaminated cooling water coming out of the direct contact Intercondenser of the Vacuum systems and the clean cooling tower water circuit. Have slightly higher steam consumption
As this contaminated water is saturated the excess fallty matter gets precipitated and floats ont the top in the catch pot which can be collected from the over flow system in the catch pot. The fat so collected is not oxidized and therfore, the foul smell does not emerge into the atmosphere unlike in a cooling tower in a conventional setup where it is sprayed for direct evaporation, which emits sizable amount of undesirable smell to the surroundings. Therefore, have slighlty higher cooling water consumption.
Simple and reliable to operate. Relatively higher capital cost beacuse of involvement of PHEs.
Mixing Condensers do not get fouled. Standby PHE has to be installed.
Very little maintenance required as PHEs do not get fouled quickly and can be cleaned easily without stopping the system by installing standby. Has relatively more space requirement.
( 3 )  Booster, Ejector and Vacuum Pump Combination System with Shell & Tube
Advantages Disadvantages
Cooling water does not get polluted Have slightly higher steam consumption
As the cooling water is clean, the odour causing residue does not contaminate the plant which is one of the most point of concern in Edible Oil Refining plants. Therefore, have slighlty higher cooling water consumption.
Requires relatively very less space. Relatively higher capital cost beacuse of involvement of PHEs.
  NaOH solution is required
  Very expensive to install.
Steam Reformer
Steam Reformer is new generation equipment which is a combination of steam separator and strainer.

Installation of the Steam Reformer greatly improves the boosters and ejectors performance as it ensures dry and clean steam to the nozzle. Therefore consistent level of vacuum is maintained wich also prevent the nozzles from getting clogged.

Operation and separation efficiency

Reformer filters and separates water particles from flowing stream by employing the two best methods of separation.
A confounded series of vanes and fins change the steam, air or gas flow into a high speed cyclone flow, separating even mist-like condensate with 98% efficiency. The fluid velocity is first maintained but the flow is given a twist so that the heavier water droplets are flung out of suspension by centrifugal force against the sides of the vessel. The flow area is then increased so that the fluid velocity drops to prevent pick-up of separated water
Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps
Consistent High Performance
Mazda two-stage Vacuum Pumps with their rugged cast iron and stainless steel components are the result of an intensive development and testing program. These innovative products incorporate modern engineering of Mazda experience in Vacuum technology. All Vacuum Pumps are subjected to 100% performance test prior to shipment.
Popular Sizes in Stock
Mazda Manufactured New Generation Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps (Model CR-25, CR-27 & CR-210) prompt delivery.
Very High Reliability
There are no Teflon or rubber balls inside the pumps to deteriorate Vacuum performance. CR pumps require very little maintenance.
Extra Deep Stuffing Box
Combined with low friction, pure graphite packing gives greater reliability.
Exclusive Shaft Sealing Design
The injection of water directly into the Teflon ring / nylone ring which is trapped between graphite seals. This water penetrates for lubrication, cooling and prevents gas leakage.
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