Job No.Client NameEquipmentApplicationInlet ConditionSizeMOCScrubbing Liquid
PC 12Hoechst India LimitedJet Venturi ScrubberHCL and SO290 C and Atm2x2 (3No.s)PVDF/FRP(B)Dilute Caustic Sol.
PC 13Croll ReynoldsJet Venturi ScrubberHF,HBr 40 Deg.C& Atm.12 x 12C.S.NA
PC 14Hoechst India LimitedJet Venturi ScrubberHCL and SO2100 C and Atm2 x 2PP/FRPDilute Caustic Sol.
PC 15MIL Industries Ltd.Jet Venturi ScrubberLiquid Jet Ejector50 C and Atm2 x 2PVDF/FRP(B)Water
PC 16Transpek IndustriesJet Venturi ScrubberHCL , SO2,CL2 50 C and Atm2 x 2PVDF/FRP(B)Dilute Caustic Sol.
PC 17South Seas Distilleries & Bre.LtdPacked TowerEthanol ScrubbingNAD-16FRP(B),2 Water
PC 18MIL Industries Ltd.Jet Venturi ScrubberLiquid Jet Ejector50 C and Atm2 x 2PVDF/FRP(B)Water
PC 19Metro Chem Industries Ltd.JVFS + PackedTowerHCL+ Inerts35 C and Atm.3 x 3 + D4" & H-90" PP/FRPFresh water
PC 20Metro Industries Ltd.Jet Venturi ScrubberSO2+ Water100 C & 0.5 Kg/cm2-g2 x 2 (3 No.s)SS-304L15 % Caustic Sol
PC 21Vanavil Dyes and Chemicals Ltd.JVFS+TankNANA8 x 8C.S.Rubber lineNA
PC 22MIL Industries Ltd.Jet Venturi ScrubberLiquid Jet EjectorNA2 x 2 & 3 x 3SS-316NA
PC 23Voltas LimitedJVFS+Tank+PTH2S Scrubbing35 C and 100 mmWc2 x 2 & D-10" & H-140" FRP(B),5/8"PP Pall Ring 15% Caustic Sol
PC 24Watsol Organics Ltd.Jet Venturi ScrubberHCL,SO2,CL2 20 C and Atm3 x 3 and 2 x 2FRP(B)5% Caustic Sol.
PC 26Vanavil Dyes and Chemicals Ltd.PT,Quencher CO2,HCL,SO2,H2O,N2,O2 250 C and Atm.D-915mm x H-10Mtr.PP/FRP-Atlac -38215% Caustic Sol
Good JobQuencher - D-400 & H-1525 mmHastelloy-CWater in quench
PC 27Colorchem Ltd.Jet Venturi ScrubberCO2,O2,N2,MMA, Dyketone,H2O 35 C and Atm.6 x 8 JVSS 316MMA
PC 28Amal Products Ltd.(Amal Rasayan)JVFS+Packed TowerSO2+ Air35 C + 25 mmWC3 x 3 + 2 x 2 + D-6"&H-96 PP/FRP12-14 % liquid NH3
PC 29Multichem Research CentreJet Venturi ScrubberOrganic Vapors550 C and Atm.2 x 2SS 304Water
PC 30Atul Limited(Ankleshwar)JVFS+Tank+PTHCL40 C + Atm.2 x 2 + D-6"&H-100" FRP-Atlac-382& PP Pall Ring8% Caustic Sol.
PC 31Garware Chemicals Ltd.Jet Venturi ScrubberDMT,Xylene,Ester,Recovery etc? See fileMulti Scrubber SizeSS-316Multi scrubbing
PC 32Atul Limited(Ankleshwar)JVFS + PT+TankSO2100 C and Atm4x4,2x2 + D-6"&H-100" FRP-Atlac-382& PP Pall Ring10% Caustic Sol.
PC 33Sayaji Sethness Ltd.Jet Venturi ScrubberAir+SO232 C & Atm3x3FRP-Atlac-382Dilute Caustic Sol.
PC 34Corrollate CorporationJet Venturi ScrubberAir+HCL32 C & Atm6x8FRP-Atlac-382Recycle 30% HCL
PC 35Transpek IndustriesJVFS+PTCl2,NO2Cl,HF 30 C & 460mmHG-a3 x 3 + PT-D-6"&H-120" FRP-V8 -10 % Caustic Sol
PC 36Atul Limited(Ankleshwar)JVFS+PTHBr,Br2,Air 80 C & Atm2x2,2x2 + D-6"& H-100" FRP-V8 -10% Dil.Caustic
PC 37Maize ProductsTwo stage PTSO2,Air 50 C& AtmD-10"&H-196" and D-8"x214" FRP-Atlac 382Once through 150 ppm SO2 Sol.
PC 38Unilever Industries Ltd.PT+TankFatty Acid,H2O,Air 116 C & Atm.D-400 & H-3600 mmSS-316Water
PC 39Transpek Industries Ltd.JVFS + PTHCl & SO250 C & Atm.3 x 3 JV + PT-D-4" x H-120 FRP-B12 % Caustic Sol
PC 40Aaarti Industries Ltd.JVFS +PTHNO3+ Air35 C _ Atm.6 x 6 JV+PT-D-10"x128" FRP-VRecirculated 15% HNO3 Sol.
PC 41Ajay Fibreglass Pvt.Ltd.Jet Venturi ScrubberNANA2 x 2FRP-VNA
PC 42Vista Organics Ltd.JVFS + PTHNO3,Nox,H2O 160 C & Atm.3 x 3SS 316Water-30% HNO2 Sol.
PC 43Hemani Organics and Che. Ltd.Jet Venturi ScrubberHCl + Air50 C & Atm.3 x 3FRP-B8-10% Caustic Sol
PC 44Transpek Industries Ltd.3 StageJVFS + 2 PTHCl & SO250 C & Atm.3 x 3,2 x 2 + PT-D-6"& H-140" PP/FRP-Atlac -38210 % Caustic Sol.
PC 45Hoechst India Limited3 stage JVFSHCl & SO290 C & Atm3 No.s(2 x 2)PVDF/FRP(B)Dilute Caustic Sol.
PC 46Wockhardt LimitedJVFS + PTHCl& SO2,Air 80 C & Atm2 x 2 + PT-D-6"&H-140" FRP-B& PP Pall ringDilute Caustic Sol.
PC 47Transpek Industries Ltd.2 Stage Venturi + PTHCl & SO250 C & Atm.3 x 3, 2 x 2, + PT-D-6"&H-140" PP/FRPDilute Caustic Sol.
PC 48Ficon Organics Ltd.Jet Venturi ScrubberSO2,CO2,Air 40 C + Atm.4 x 4FRP-B10 % Caustic Sol.
PC 49Heubach Color Pvt.Ltd.Jet Venturi ScrubberAir,HCl,H2O 80 C & Atm4 x 4FRP-BRec. HCL Sol.
PC 50Camphor & Allied Products Ltd.Jet Venturi ScrubberOrganics Vapors500 C & Atm.2 x 2SS - 316NA
PC 51Prerna Colorchem Ltd.Jet Venturi ScrubberHCl & Cl250 C & Atm.2 x 2PP/FRP15% Dilute Caustic
PC 52United Phosphorus Ltd.Jet Venturi ScrubberPCl3,Cl2,HCl,N2 40 C & Atm.2 x 2FRP-V8 % Dilute Caustic Sol.
PC 53Colorchem Ltd.(Clariant)Quencher-PTCO2,HCl,SO2,H2O,N2,O2 250 C & Atm.Quencher - D-400 & H-1525 mm5 % Caustic Sol.
Good JobPT-D-16" x H-61"
PC 54Thermax Ltd.Jet Venturi ScrubberCl2,H2,Air 32 C & Atm1 x 1FRP8 % Caustc Sol.
PC 55Shroff & Ass./ UPLJet Venturi ScrubberHCl,Acetyl chloride, Acetic Acid 40 C & Atm.2 x 2PP/FRP8 % Caustc Sol.
PC 56Gujarat Super PhosphatesJet Venturi ScrubberH2S+ Air60 C & Atm.2 x 2SS-3048 % Caustc Sol.
PC 57Aaarti Industries Ltd.Jet Venturi ScrubberHNO3+Air35 C & Atm.3 x 3FRP-V30 % HNO3 Sol.
PC 58NCPLJVFS + PTHCL + Air55 C & Atm.3 x 3, 4 x 4+ PT PP/FRP-V25 % HCL+ Fresh water
Good JobTurn Key JobTanker Filling
PC 59Shiva PharmaJVFS + PTSO2 +HCl+Air50 C & Atm.3 x 3, D-8" & H - 120" PP/FRP-V10 % HCL Sol.
PC 60Heubach Color Pvt.Ltd.Jet Venturi ScrubberAlCl3,HBr,Air,Br2 120 C & Atm.4 x 4PP/FRP-V4% HBr Sol.
PC 61Hemani Organics and Che. Ltd.Jet Venturi ScrubberBr2 + Air50 C & Atm.2 x 2Graphite10 % Caustic Sol.
PC 62Gujarat Super PhosphatesJet Venturi ScrubberHCl+Air80 C & Atm2 x 2PP/FRP
PC 63
PC 64Orchave PharmaJet Venturi ScrubberMercaptan+ Air40 C & Atm.2 x 2SS-30410 % Caustic Sol.
PC 65Transpek Industries Ltd.Jet Venturi ScrubberSO2 + Air40 C & Atm.2 x 2PP/FRP17 % Caustic Sol.
PC 66Shiva PharmaJet Venturi ScrubberHCL + SO250 C & Atm.4 x 4PP/FRP10 % NaOH Sol.
PC 67Shasun Chemicals Ltd.Jet Venturi ScrubberVenturi Eductor40 C & Atm.2 x 2SS 316Water
PC 68Standar Industries Ltd.Jet Venturi ScrubberCl2,HCl,Air,H2 60 C & Atm.4 x 4PP/FRP10 % NaOH Sol.
PC 69IBI ChematurJVFS + PTHCl + Air55 C & Atm.3 x 3 JV + PT-D-6" x H-120 PP/FRP-V5 % HCL & Fresh water
Good JobTanker FillingHCL Handling
PC 70Atul Limited(Ankleshwar)Jet Venturi ScrubberWater Vap.&Air120 C & Atm.36 x 36(Good Job)Carbon SteelAlkline Sol.
PC 71Shiva Pharma2JVFS +2 PT + CoolerHCl & SO240 C & Atm.2 No.(4 x 4 )& D-4 "&H-104 PP/FRP-V1st Water& Dil. Caustic.
PC 72Kvaerner Power GasJet Venturi ScrubberEductor for Carbon32 C & Atm2 x 2SS-304Water
PC 73Atul Limited(Ankleshwar)JVFS+PT+TankSO2 + Air70 C & Atm.3 x 3 + D-12"& H-120" FRP-VDilute Caustic Sol.
PC 74Atul Limited(Ankleshwar)Jet Venturi ScrubberSO2,H2O Vap.&Air 90 C & Atm6 x 6 JV+PT-D-10"x128" Teflon Lined VenturiDilute Caustic Sol.
PC 75Sterlite CopperJVFS + PTH2S50 C & Atm.2 x 2 + D-6"&H-160" PP/FRP-VDilute Caustic Sol.
PC 76Gujarat Heavy Che. Ltd.Wet ESPProcess Gas50 C &Neg. Press.D- 3 Mtrs. & H-11 Mtrs.Carbon Steel / SS-316Sea Water
Good Job
PC 77Croll Reynolds(South Afri)Packed TowerProcess GasNAD- 200 mm & 6900 mmFRP-Atlac-382NA
PC 78NCPLJet Venturi ScrubberHCL + Air55 C & Atm.8 x 8PP/FRP-V5 % HCl sol.
PC 79Kvaerner Power GasJet Venturi ScrubberN2,O2,H2O,CO2,HCl,Cl2 178 C &195 mmWCHastelloy C - 2000Dilute Caustic So.
PC 80Bombay Dyeing Ltd.Jet Venturi Scrubber1800 ACFM - Suction Load50 C & Atm.16 x 16S.S.-316Methanol
PC 81Heubach Color Ltd.Jet Venturi ScrubberHCL + Air + W.V.80 C & Atm.4 x 4PP/FRP-VRecirculated HCL Sol.
PC 82Grauer & Weil (India) Ltd.Jet Venturi ScrubberSO3 + Air50 Deg.C & Atm.2 x 2 (2 No.s)3mmPP/5mmFRP-VRecirculated Dil. Caustic
PC 83Transpek Industries Ltd.Jet Venturi ScrubberHCL + SO240 Deg.C & Atm.3 x 33 mmPP/5mmFRPRecirculated HCL Sol.
PC 84Hikal Limited (Bombay)Jet Venturi ScrubberNOx + N255 Deg. C & Atm.4 x 4PP/FRP-VRecirculated 10% Caustic
PC 85Lupin Limited (Ankleshwar)Jet Venturi ScrubberAcid Fumes + Air40 Deg.C & Atm.20 x 20PP/FRP-VRecirculated Water
PC-86Garware Chemicals Ltd.(Waluj)Jet Venturi ScrubberMethanol Vap. + N2170 Deg. C& Atm.8 x 8S.S.-304Methanol
PC-87Essel Mining & Ind. Ltd.Jet Venturi ScrubberNH3 + Water Vapour300 Deg.C & Atm.8 x 8C.S.(Internal Bricklining)NH4CL Solution
PC-88Anushakti Chem & Drugs LtdJet Venturi ScrubberHNO3 + Air35 Deg.C & Atm.3 x 3 (2 Nos.)PP/FRP-VRecirculated Water
PC-89Johnson Matthey CatalystsJet Venturi EductorSolid Activated CarbonAmb&0.9kg/cm2(a)2 x 2S.S.-304Water
PC-90Hikal Limited (Bombay)Jet Venturi ScrubberCarbonyl Sulfide60 Deg. C & Atm.2 x 2PP/FRP-VRecirculated 10% NaOCl
PC-91United Phosphorus Ltd.JVFS + PackedTowerCl2, PCL3, HCL 40 ?? C & Atm.2 x 2 &D-150 & H-3mPP/FRP-VRecirculated 10% NaOH