Chiller Vactor System

Our chiller Vactor Systems are are a low cost-solution to cooling high volumes of water for the chemical, pharmaceutical, food and paper industries Our chiller systems incorporate two, three or four multi-nozzle ejectors a chill tank with internal weirs, a two-stage ejector, piping, controls and instrumentation.

Chill-Vactors are available in various unit capacities with automatic deaeration, almost all dissolved air or gases in water are completely removed , deaerated water minimizes corrosion in piping and process equipment. Plus, they require a small installation area.


• No hazardous refrigerant required.
• Can cool liquid to 0◦C actually could freeze, if allowed.
• Are able to operate at off design conditions, i.e…. higher inlet temperature with higher outer termperature.
• Controls allow for steam savings for reduced cold water flow and cold condenser water.
• Not susceptible to corrosive conditions , as are other types.
• Total absence of moving parts and therefore very low maintenance.
• Low turn-down of load.
• Very Reliable
• Can be mounted outdoors since no part sensitive to weather.
• Chilled water at temperatures ranging from 1.67◦C to 2.11◦C.
High-Vacuum Evactors increase efficiency in a chill-Vactor evaporative Water Chiller.