Surface Condenser

The steam surface condenser is a critical component of both the traditional coal fired power plant and the new generation co-generation and combined cycle power plants.

Main duties of any surface condenser are to convert the exhaust steam from its gaseous to its liquid state at certain under atmospheric pressure, and also, to release non-condensable presented in the steam cycle, together with vacuum unit.

Mazda designs and economically sized condenser suitable for smaller turbine ratings under 50 MW. The circular configuration is compact for easy shipping and maintains the level of quality afforded all of our condenser designs.

All of Mazda’s Surface Condensers are designed and built to the Heat Exchange Institute latest Standards. We also strive to meet all of our client’s project specific requirements.

Our condenser design can incorporate enhanced deaerating systems, and or a variety of turbine exhaust options including Axial and Top steam inlet design, which can assist greatly in improving plant layouts. We continually address and refine these and other considerations associated with circular designs where space is at a premium.

Mazda Surface Condensers are fabricated in-house state of the art fabrication facilities located in Ahmedabad. All of the fabrication facilities are according to ASME code and an impeccable reputation for quality fabrication and on time delivery.

Our Surface Condensers feature high overall heat transfer coefficient (which result in smaller heat transfer areas and thus optimal use of the available space) and extremely low oxygen concentrations in the condensate. They are designed to stand up to turbine and steam generator overloads and to variations in cooling water temperature at different times of the year.

Mazda Surface Condenser highlights:

  • Effective steam distribution within tube nest
  • Uniform distribution of heat loading
  • Effective collection and removal of non-condensable gases
  • Negligible condensate sub-cooling
  • Minimized condensate inundation
  • Lower velocity fluctuation
  • Efficient air cooling section
  • Effective de-aeration performance
  • One or Two passes.
  • Down Flow, Axial flow or side inlet design.
  • 4 to 6 months delivery.
  • Available for all type of Turbines.

Air cooling zone is provided in the coolest part of the condenser, which eliminates the carry over of the steam to the ejector vacuum system along with the non-condensable gases.