Mazda’s experience of over 20 years can drastically reduce your plant’s operation costs by Rs. 1.5 million to 2 million. Locally made steam thermocompressors have often proved themselves to be steam guzzlers which end up ruining processes.

Several major plants world over have opted for Mazda’s thermocompressor technology. Due to our high number of installations we are now rated the world’s fourth largest manufacturer with steam test facilities for Thermocompressors implementing internationally adopted performance test codes.

Mazda is the only Indian steam Thermocompressor and Vacuum System manufacturer to steam test these systems for site conditions. These systems are guaranteed under ASME PTC – 24 test standards.


Multi-effect evaporators used in sea water desalination employ Mazda Thermocompressors after the final effect to capture and recycle energy which might otherwise be wasted.


A high pressure motivating fluid enters at 1 and expands through the converging-diverging nozzle to 2; the suction fluid enters at 3 and mixes with the motivating fluid in the mixing chamber 4; both are then recompressed through the diffuser to 5.


Single-Nozzle Thermocompressor are used for either critical or non-critical flow, but usually for only one set of design conditions.


Mazda Multiple-Nozzle Thermocompressors are unique in both design and performance. In most cases, they offer steam savings of 10% to 20% when compared with single-nozzle units designed for the same conditions.


Spindle-Operated Ejectors are indicated wherever suction or discharge pressures vary. During operation, a pneumatically-driven tapered spindle moves in and out of the nozzle orifice to control motive Fluid flow.