Research and Testing

At our Research and Test Facility, quality is assured and performance is proven

In an effort to provide its customers with World Class SJAE Systems Mazda have installed one of the world’s largest state-of-the-art-Research and Test facility at its plant in Ahmedabad. With this test facility, Mazda has the ability to simulate operating conditions and analyze all anticipated variables that may be encountered under actual operating conditions.

Some of the critical performance factors that Mazda is able to analyze at the test centre include Ejector suction flow capacity, Ejector stability under varying steam and water pressures and temperature conditions.

Mazda guarantees that when the system is operating, it will meet all capacity, steam consumption and power limit specifications according to Heat Exchanger Institute Standards and ASME PTC 24.The centre also gives

Mazda the capability to more accurately measure flow generated noise during testing of Ejector discharging to atmosphere.

As a part of the commitment to customer support, pick up and break up pressure records are maintained on every system installation. Record include: system and component specification, detailed list of parts and construction, materials and performance data.

Mazda’s Test Centre includes Boilers having a total steam generation capacity of 10,000 Kg/hr at 17.5 Kg/cm2 (g), Cooling Towers of 1200 TR total capacity, Surface Condensers of 300 m2, Condensate Recovery Systems and large capacity Circulation Pumps.

  • Three large capacity multiple nozzle boosters in series on high vacuum test
  • Main discharge header has three connections for testing ejectors on different diameter lines.
  • Steam Boiler
  • Two numbers of cooling towers having a total capacity of 1200 TR.


Unsatisfactorily performance of an Ejector System can be caused by external or internal causes. Unsatisfactory performance can also be classified as sudden or gradual. The gradual loss of vacuum will normally suggest internal erosion or corrosion, whereas a sudden loss of vacuum will normally suggest external causes. Since it is easier to check external Causes of trouble, all possible external causes should be checked first.

External Causes of Trouble

Let us assume that a multi-stage system has lost vacuum. The possible external causes are quickly checked and are Found trouble-free.

We must now look for internal causes of trouble.

Internal Causes of Trouble:

Field Service

Mazda Limited has a steam of trained engineers available at short notice to visit any of the company’s or associated company’s installations. Although our engineers are generally based in India, they travel world-wide as required. Helpful service can also be obtained through many of our agents and representatives’ offices, a number of which, have available field engineering staff. The range of services available include installation advice, pre-commissioning checks, commissioning service, routine-on-stream adjustment, overhauls, inspection and technical reports, etc.

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