R & D

Mazda has a dedicated team of engineers, constantly engaged in Research and Development. The well-planned R&D efforts have led to :

  • Achieving a full-discharge capacity, at full lift and repeatability of Safety Valves, for steam, air and liquid applications
  • Establishing a precise, trim characteristic, for high pressure, let-down Control valves and important seat leakage problems on Severe Service Control Valves.
  • Increased efficiency in Multi-Stage Jet Ejector Systems, thereby reducing thenumber of stages and utilities required to meet a given suction pressure condition.
  • Developing Multi-Nozzle Boosters and Ejectors for reducing steam consumption by 20%.
  • New design of Spray Nozzle and Atomizer, performing in the Desuperheater,having distinct advantage over equipment now in use.
  • Development of efficient Liquid Jet Ejector, to poison the nuclear reactor for Nuclear Power Corporation Limited.
  • Efficient combination Ejector Vacuum System consuming minimum energy.
  • Development of Pressure Control Valve, for hydro-electric power project to be used for silty water
  • Development of the Steam Reformer for improvement of Heat Transfer rate, thus saving energy
  • Creating higher vacuum with the two-stage Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump, thereby saving energy by consuming less power.
  • Latest designs in Turbine Bypass Valves ensure complete systems support, cost effective solutions.
  • Developed Auto Recirulation Valves for pump protection & served as an import substitub in Nuclear Power Plants, with excellent tightness improving stealth capacity by 8-10 mw.