Quality – A Way of Life

In order to meet with the high-quality demands by power, petrochemical & fertiliser industries, Mazda has developed a Quality Assurance program in accordance with the requirements of ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, as well as other national & international standards like ANSI, ISA, TEMA and HEI.

A staff of highly-trained Quality Assurance specialists are employed in the manufacturing unit, where all output undergoes rigorous inspection procedures. Testing facilities include steam testing, hydrostatic, seat leakage, hysteresis, noise, leakage measurements and endurance test. Each equipment is tested against its primary body rating on a hydrostatic test, to ensure that it meets specifications, in terms of service pressure and temperature.

In addition, seat leakage and operational testing is carried out to ensure satisfactory operation, and ancillary control equipment is adjusted accordingly. All ejectors, except the very largest (over 300 mm) are 100% factory tested for performance. On completion, a test certificate is issued. Testing facilities also include a clean room for instruments and all necessary performance test rigs for complete valve units and steam & water facilities for testing ejectors with operating steam pressure.

Tailor-made quality assurance programmes are applied in deliveries to nuclear plants, special applications and other highly demanding services. Mazda has a tradition of quality as an overall attitude.

First-rate test bed facilities not only allow complete evaluation of performance, but are also an aid in solving design problems and developing new products. There is a continuous programme of investment in modern machine tools and excellent training programmes for tomorrow’s engineers.