Steel Industry

for your “VD and VOD” plants
“Yield Stronger and Superior Alloy Steels”

Steel Degassing

For your VD and VOD plants, Mazda offers special multi-nozzle booster ejector system that yields stronger and superior alloy steel.

This procedure entails the removal of dissolved gasses from molten steel, which contributes towards a drastic improvement in the quality of the end product. Necessary for this application are large multi-stage ejectors as well as barometric condensers which can have vacuum ranges as low as 10 microns.

Also used in this application as multi-stage steam jet vacuum pumps clubbed together with liquid ring pumps, which ultimately save on cost for the customer and user.

Jet Vacuum pumps have a relatively low investment cost, they withstand tough conditions and are extremely durable and reliable.

The process requires handling of high suction capabilities via high volume flows of many thousand kg/hr, and jet vacuum pumps undertake the swift evacuation of the process tank at the required pressure.

Our repeat orders from consultants and end users indicate that Mazda has a long track record of satisfied customers.